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About Nepal

Prithivi Narayan Shah

A tiny country which lies between two of the biggest countries, India & China. Historically, Nepal is renowned for its tall mountains and the brave soldiers. Despite being quite a small country, Nepal has a diverse community. The great king Prithivi Narayan Shah once said, "Nepal is a garden of four castes and 36 different sub-castes". Prior to a united Nepal, several small countries existed within Nepal. They fought each other for the land, power and to be known as a successful states. This all come to an end when King Prithivi united these small states and formed a nation called Nepal.

Nepali Official Mark

The area of Nepal is 1, 47,181 sq. km - which covers 0.3 percent of Asia and 0.03 percent area of the world. It lies between latitudes of 26' 22" and 30" 27" North and longitudes of 80' 4" and 88' 12" East. The country is only about 880 km. from East to West and its breadth varies from 145 to 241 km.

Map of Nepal

There are several explanations as to how Nepal name was given to the country.According to a popular myth, once upon a time the Kathmandu Valley was a great lake in the middle of which a brilliant flame burned from a lotus flower. Manjushri, a Buddhist from China, drained the lake with a magical sword. It is said that Swayambhu appeared in the flame when the Valley was formed.

House near the mountain

But according to the Hindu religion, Krishna created the valley, hurling a thunderbolt at the lake to create the Chorbar gorge. other interesting story was about the word "NE PA" which meant the 'house of wool' in Tibetan language. It was believed that Nepal was the biggest source for wool so the Tibetan called the country NEPA which later became NEPAL.


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