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Chitwan is a small city in the heart of Nepal. It has a warm temperature. It is surrounded by India, Nawalparasi, Tanahun, Gorkha, Dhading and Makawanpur. Chitwan has lots of big and small rivers but only few rivers are famous. They are Narayani and Rapti. Chitwan has lots of lakes and they are bishhajar taal, Nanda bhauju taal, lame taal etc. Another main attraction of Chitwan is Chitwan Mahotsav. Chitwan Mahotsav is celebrated in each 2 years. In Chitwan Mahotsav we can find the different products from all over the Nepal like Handicrafts, Machinery Products, Food items, Vehicles, Computers and related to Information Technology etc. Rafting, Boating Playing and Motor Boat are the other major attractions.

Sauraha is the famous place for tourists in Chitwan. In Sauraha there are lots of Hotels for tourists. Tourists can ride the elephants and can have a visit to jungle. In the time of visiting Chitwan National Park they can see the animals like Bengal Tigers, One Horned Rhino, Deers and other animals.

sunset in chitwan

Chitwan is home to the rare one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger. The elephant safaris through the jungle befriend the visitors to tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, leopards and more. The other main attractions are Traditional Tharu Culture, River Rafting, Boating etc. Wild roars of tigers, chirping of jungle birds, soothing breeze and the splashing ripples of the river Rapti... a visit to Chitwan may sound dream-like but reality speaks for itself.

elephant climbing

Some key facts on Chitwan National Park (From Nepal Vista):

1) Chitwan is known as Chitwan National Park, mainly because the city's main attraction is the national park itself!

2) Chitwan National Park is included in the list of world heritage sites, this protected area has a forest with area of 360 square miles (about 932 square kilometers)

3) 7 world class resorts run by park concessionaire are located inside the park alone! Other numerous resorts and hotels are located outside the park, all giving tourists with more options for price and services.

4) One Horned Rhinos and Bengal Tigers are the main two animals that are famous in the park. Spotting them while on a safari will be the joy of a life-time. To spot bengal tiger, you might have to extend your stay in Chitwan a little longer!!

5) Altitude of the park ranges from 492 feet (150m) to 2673 feet (815m)

6) Over a 50 different mammals and 450 species of birds are located in the park

7) The prefix "Royal" is being slowly removed from many names in Nepal such as from the name Royal Nepal Airlines which is now Nepal Airlines. Similarly Royal Chitwan National Park is now just called Chitwan National Park.

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