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About My Hometown:

Map of Nepal

Hetauda is located towards the southern part of Nepal within Makawanpur district. It replaced the old headquarter "Bhimphedi" and gained its popularity due to the Tribhuvan Highway which runs from the East to West of Nepal. It is very close to the Indian boarder (around 56 km). Traditionally, Hetauda is an industrial district. It is believed that Hetauda is the 8th biggest city of Nepal. Wide ranges of industries can be found i.e. cement, beer, soap, biro, biscuit, kodak films etc.
Makawanpur district is squeezed between the vastness of Mahabharata range to the north and plain terai of the south, Makawanpur is the home of nearly four hundred thousand people whose languages and customs are as diverse as the terrain. Within a few hour one can enjoy the majestic view of lovely mountain ranges then descend to the plain to ride elephant through tropical jungles and to view tigers. One of the most famous tourist site near Hetauda is 'Daman. A viewing tower from where you can view the attractive scenes of various mountain such as Mt. Everest, Kanchanjungha, Markhu and Lhotse is famous in Daman. A place called "Shikhar Kateri" is famous as it is believed to be the place where the war between the British & Nepalese brokeout.


Most of the people in the district are Hindus. Although, one can find few Muslims, Christians and Buddhists living around the district. The major caste of the district is "Tamang" about 45.9% of total population. In addition to this, other castes are Brahman, Chhetry, Newar, Gurung, Tharu, Magar, Chepang and Rai. Chepang is a rare caste, found only in this district. It is believed that some of the Chepang communities are still living a primitive lives. They can still be found in dens and hunt for their living.

Map of Nepal

Current challenges: Due to the recent political uprising around the country, Hetauda has been badly affected. Most of the manufacturing companies shut down as there are less work and more strikes. It was also believed that the pressure from various political parties to the owners did not allow the industries to survive. In the past, we have seen industries such as Hetauda Textile got closed as it was running on loss for several years. Additionally, the terai unrest has raised a lot of question marks over the future of Hetauda. There is a rumour that Hetauda Cement, another big industry, is facing a difficult situation. In my experience, the machines in the industries are never repaired and maintained according to the manual which leads to the malfunction and major repair bills to the companies. There is a serious lack of health & safety in the workplace. The most important ingredient for the development of Hetauda is the peace and stability in the country. There is no doubt, the city can offer quite a lot to the investors but there must be an amicable situation where the investors can feel safe. Other important factor which Hetauda simply has not been abe to provide so far is a good hospital. Old Hetauda hospital is getting too old and does not have enough medical euipment or the workforce to cope with. This has led to a lot of losses in the local people's lives. Some people believe that it is better to keep the ill ones at home rather than taking to the the hetauda hospital as there is nothing in the hopital.

Despite all the problems and challenges, Hetauda has embraced the modern technologies very well. Internet and mobile phones are frequently available (although cross network connection may be a problem). There are more options for the youngsters to choose the varities of colleges from. A traveller can reach Kathmandu within 3 hours via Pharping in a bus/truck/jeep/motorbike etc. This path can be exploited in the future to develop a quicker and easier way to get to the capital. The weather of Hetauda is almost perfect all year round. The land price in Hetauda is growing astonishingly due to the terai unrest and it can soon become one of the major booming cities in Nepal.

Map of Nepal