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There are some of the areas you may like to consider:

Schools: Government schools are under funded and overcrowded. It is not unusual to find 100 pupils to a class, with cramped conditions and children sharing pencils. many of the children in the mountain villages have never left their village and have no knowledge of the outside world. In such schools English is taught by teachers, who themselves lack knowledge, and your input would be invaluable. We are working closely with two schools.

1) Ratomate Secondary School: Ratomate is on the outskirts of Hetauda City which is on the main highway between India and Kathmandu. The children are mainly of Tamang origin and speak their own language. They are taught Nepali and English. the school has ten classrooms and 650 pupils many with serious social problems. Poverty and lack of food affects their performance and many have o take days off to help their parents in agriculture. Accommodation would be provided in a nearby 2 star hotel where conditions are basic.

Prithivi Narayan Shah

2) Tistung primary school, Makawanpur: Tistung is a village in a remote area of the Makwanpur District. The school has two classrooms and about 100 children. The children walk for about two hours each day to school. There are more boysthan girls at the school. Girls often look after the siblings while parents work in the fields and it is not unusualto have students age range from 6 to 16 in one class. Accommodation will be provided by Mrs. Jamuna Chhetry, leader of the women's group. The accommodation gives an opportunity to really experience village life but it is not for the fain hearted!!

Experience has shown that contact with foreigners is beneficial in helping both students and teachers have a better understanding of life beyond Nepal. We will advise you of what you can do to help depending on your individual skills or life experience. No-one is too old to learn!

Morning Star Orphanage, Balaju: Morning Star Orphanage was started by a British Couple to rescue children from desperate situations. many of the girls had been sold in to the flesh trade to India and others were disabled. Some are HIV positive. It is a loving, happy place where the visitor can live in European style accommodation attached to the orphanage. Morning Star is Christian based organisation but a visitor of any religion is welcome.

Bhim Phedi Prison, Makawanpur: Bhim Phedi is an overcrowded prison in a remote area. Conditions are very poor and the prisoners have no sports or recreation facilities at all. The aim is to organise help not only to build but introduce such things as basket ball, table tennis and weaving activities for the adults. In addition a number of toddlers are held with their mothers, these children are often traumatised and those with any nursery school experience would be invaluable. Accommodation is available at the nearby modern Health Centre staying with a Nepali family.

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